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倉 鼠
There are several types of hamster. They are tiny and easy to raise.
兔 子
Rabbits are tame and cute, they express their emotions through body language.
龍 貓
Chinchillas are tame, lively and active which love jumping around.
天 竺 鼠
Guinea Pig
Guinea Pigs have soft and glossy fur.
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Oxbow Western Timothy Grass Hay 90oz
Brand : Oxbow
Model : 3XB0100
Applicable pet :Rabbit, Guinea pig, Chinchilla
Oxbow Garden Select Adult Rabbit Food 4lb
Brand : Oxbow
Model : 3XB0140
Applicable pet :Rabbit
Small Animal Bedding (Recycled Paper) 51L
Brand : BOXO
Model : 3BBOXO51L
Applicable pet :Rabbit
Recycled Paper Hamster Bedding 8L
Brand : Nature's Eco
Model : 3NE0007
Applicable pet :Hamster
Alice Plus + Rabbit Cage- pink
Brand : Alice
Model : 3AE0115
Applicable pet :Rabbit
Jolly Chocolate Factory™
Brand : Jolly
Model : 3JP0228
Applicable pet :Hamster
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